Friday, October 7, 2011

side braided style with braid out

Have you ever sat down to do a style and had no idea where you were going with it? Squirmy kid? Frustrated? Didnt turn out how you wanted? AND didnt want to even bother taking it out after all the time spent? Well thats what happened to us with this style!

The idea came from thisstyle by

Check out boysandgirlsnaturalcurls to see the original blooper style!

Here is how we fixed it


style='clear: both;' Precious @ said...

The braid-out is so pretty! I love how she is admiring her lovely hair in the mirror, so sweet :)

style='clear: both;' Nikki's HairThoughts said...

This is adorable! I love the mirror picture, too. She looks very happy with her hair!

style='clear: both;' Diva Locks said...

aw, how cute :)

style='clear: both;' Charlotte's Avenue said...

This is so pretty! Great style, girl!!! And little miss thang is too gorgeous!


style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

Precious - thanks you should see.the other pics lol

Nikki - thanks, she was feein herself too much!

Diva Locks - thanks

Char - thank you!

style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

Btw I hope you all checked out the original blooper style..eeeek!