Sunday, July 31, 2011

July monthly buys

At the beginning of this month I decided to add a feature on my blog where I would list all the hair-related items I bought for the month. I also gave myself a limit of $25 and $40 for ordering products online like Bee Mine, Curlz, CUSH...any specific product line online.

For the month of July I spent a total of $17.20 + the $39.29 on Bee Mine products. I didn't go over either of my limits.

Here's how I spent the money:
Glycerin $2.89
Soap holder (for Bee Mine shampoo bar, I forgot about this so its not pictured) .97

Hair sectioning clips 12 for $1.79
Widetooth detangle comb $1.79
Ouchless ponies $1.19
Babyliss scalp massager $2.19

16oz Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Moisturizer in Coconut $34.97
8oz Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter unscented $13.97
Purity Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar $8.00
I also received a sample of the Bee Mine Bee Lovely Moisturizing Daily Conditioner and the Bee Nrished Ayurvedic Herbal Bar.

So in total I spent $56.49 now that isn't a lot BUT that's a lot to be spending on HAIR. If I were to spend $50 every month thats $600 a year! This could be money spent on other items. I'm trying to spend smart here so I'm hoping I will be able to keep within my price ranges every month.

I'm pleased with the items I purchased this month. The glycerin is really good in the mixture I created to spritz on her hair from time to time. The flower clips I think are cute but I'm not too fond of because the clip is small and plastic not like an alligator clip or anything. So when I used it in Leelee's hair for this style, I had to grab a thin piece of hair because it wouldn't snap shut with a big amount. Also, the flowers seem frayed and pieces of it would be in her hair. The items from sally I really like. Both the brushes are great so far and I will do a review soon. I love the fact that they are both plastic with wide spaced apart teeth so its easy to clean. The ponies I bought for banding since she needed new ones and I'm still trying to decide if I like them or not for that purpose. The Bee Mine products I of course am satisfied with! Stay tuned for more reviews and updates of the items I purchased this month (:

How much do you think you spend every month on items for your hair? Do you think you need to budget?

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

30 day challenge, day 7 - Five pet peeves
1.) Stepping out the shower with nothing on the floor. Ugh, I can't do it! I have to have something there to step on.
2.) Washing dishes with cold water. Noope! It has to be warm or hot.
3.) When people Typ3 AnD TaWk Lyke diiZ..why do you do this? Esp if you're over the age of 12! What is the point of adding extra letters that do not need to be there? A simple you=yuh, yew, y u uh..are you serious?
4.) When the wrong word or phrase is used. Example: don't take me for granite (don't take me for GRANTED). Recently, I seen inter-wishing for intuition -____- I'm sorry, it bugs me. #dontjudgeme!
5.) People who are loud for NO apparent reason in public places..its not that serious.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I didn't update on Leelee's new hair style too fast because right when I was done I had a ton of style variations in mind and wanted to make it all one post. Again, when I styled everything was random. I had no style in mind and just braided as I went. I will try and make this as much as a tutorial as I can since its what my blog is lacking. I'm really bad at describing things so please bare with me (:

I started on banded hair. see post here I sectioned her hair into four parts by dividing her hair vertically and then ear to ear. I started braiding the bottom left corner with four braids and the same thing with the botton right section. I wanted to switch the style up a bit so in the two top sections I decided to add criss-cross braids. On each section I started with one braid, a criss-cross braid and then two more braids. So, in total on each top section, there were three regular braids and one cornrow braid in this pattern: regular braid, criss-cross braid, regular braid, regular braid. I hope I'm making sense lol ...onto the styles:

On the first night I was done (Saturday night) I decided to put her hair into a bun and leave it like that for the next day.

top view

right side

left side

On Monday I took the bun down and braided all the loose ends together like this.

Tuesday I put it back into a bun and added a cute lil flower clip to dress her hair up.

Wednesday I unbraided the two very front braids and two back braids along with all the loose ends to create a mohawk look. I added a little poof in the front. For the loose hair I applied kinky curly curling custard because it curls her hair beautifully. I then secured random parts with bobby pins so it wouldn't fall apart.

I really wish I had better pics of the mohawk because it was sooo cute but she wouldn't cooperate with me at all. She's tired of me taking pics of her hair lol. I actually created 6 styles with this hairstyle but I didnt take pics of them. After I let her wear her hair in a mohawk the next day I gathered all the loose hair and smoothed the front and back and tied it into a bun. It was a cute lil puff ball on her head with the curls. Lastly, I undid all the braids for a braid out.

I hope you enjoyed this 4-in-1 style as much as we did. My favorite was the mohawk. She wore it like that for her cousin's birthday party and received lots of compliments. This goes to show that you can do really cute protective styles and always switch it up. Its ok to leave styles in even when there is frizz. Its fun to see what other style variations you can come up with. Be creative!

30 day challenge, day 6 - views on mainstream music
I HATE mainstream music ..well majority of them. I don't listen to the radio or watch music videos so I'm pretty late on whats new and what's "in". I use to always know music that came out before they got played but lately all the music I've heard I couldn't stand. Now, I'm not saying the type I listen to is better in any way shape or form because it definitely isn't. I think a lot of people would not even guess the type of music I like. I liked mainstream music back when it was AJ and Free on 106th and park, when they had tigger on rap city the basement, CMC with Chuy Gomez, Carson on TRL and when skinny jeans wasn't a thing for guys to wear. Get my drift?

Friday, July 29, 2011

LeeLee's first trim? + 30 day challenge, day 5 - things you want to say to an ex

Yes, first trim? With a question mark. As you can see pictured above, it wasnt a lot. I've been wanting to cut Leelee's ends for awhile now because they are always dry. Also, when she developed a ton of single strand knots I wanted to even more. What took the cake though was when I noticed a few split ends. I panicked. My hair is filllllled with split ends and I didn't want the same to happen to her. I tried to do a search and destroy but she wouldn't sit still and everytime I tried to search I couldn't find any. I decided to trim her hair while it was banded. At first I was scared but I decided to do it anyway. I don't regret it because her ends feel way better and well, hair is will grow back!

30 day challenge, day 5 - things you would say to an ex:
This is a sore subject. I don't even know where to begin. My ex is my children's dad and basically the first real relationship I've ever had. He was my highschool love. We're still ehhh with eachother but Ill save the drama and just say - THANKS! Thank you for everything you have put me through. Now I know a lot of right from wrong. I know what I want and don't want in a relaionship and I know what I deserve! You live and you learn..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Style Sneak Peek + 30 day challenge, day 4 - bullet your day

I'm not exactly sure how everyone else is doing theirs but here is my day in bullet form:
  • woke up
  • brushed teeth
  • fed daughters, fed myself
  • got my oldest and I ready
  • went to mcdonalds
  • went to Sally Beauty
  • went to payless
  • babydoll got her 6m shots
  • went home
  • showered
  • ate
  • brainstorm and wrote post ideas
  • here writing this

Its only 7 o'clock but I figured id get this post up now because I'm so tired and probably wont do it later. I'm pretty much done for the day and the lil ones are still napping! Late day. This was my least favorite thing to do for the challenge ..its so blah lol stay tuned for more info on the style above!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wordless Wednesday

banding + 30 day challenge, day 3 - a book I love

Banding the hair is another way to stretch the hair without the use of heat. It can also help with keeping the hair tangle free after detangling and washing. I learned about banding from BBB. I immediately wanted to try it like everything I see her do! Majority of the time it comes out nothing like hers because Leelee's hair is not long enough.

The first few times I tried to band I would always split her hair down the middle to form two ponytails and begin banding. I never used a moisturizer either. I would band as soon as she got out the bath. I would also use the small cloth pony holders because her hair is too short and fine for the regular ouchless bands. Because of this three things would happen:
1.) The cloth bands would slide up or down all over eachother. Sometimes even slide off. It would leave big gaps between the bands making her hair stick up every which way.
2.) When I would go to take the bands out there would be hair coming out with it!
3.) The hair wouldnt get stretched. It would just look lumpy and wavy.

I never left her hair banded for a long period of time either because I felt like it never worked. I decided to try it again the other day to see if it would make it easier while braiding her hair. After she got out the back I sectioned four parts, two in front and two in back. I applied A LOT A LOT of Bee Mine luscious moisturizer and even spritzed her hair lightly with the glycerin mix when I was done. The next morning I decided to reband them since it was looking loose. This time I applied a generous amount of Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Then the following evening I took out the bands and these were the results:

here is a pic showing her hair after (left) and what her hair usually looked like unstretched (right).

It was a success! This is the straightest I've ever seen her hair and I was amazed. When I decided to braid it was easier becaus I didn't have to stop spray anything because her hair wasn't tangled or needed any moisture. Will I do it again? Yes! I'm trying to decide if if I should band regularly as a routine after getting out the bath. I just don't like how funky they look while they are banded and we need to go out. I may have to invest in some good looking ponyholders then! Do you band? How does it work for you?

30 day challenge, day 3 - A book you love
I really love reading. Its one of the things I enjoy doing the most. My favorite is reading urban/street books I'm not sure what its classified under. I haven't picked up a good book recently but a few I like are:
Sistah souljah's The Coldest Winter Ever
HOODRAT by K'wan, Bling by Erica Kennedy, A child called "it" by Dave Pelzer. A child called "it" is such a sad story but its a really good reas. Also, a true one about the author himself. I can't wait to see everyone else's picks. I may have to read a few (:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

summer hair care

Since summer is coming to an end I decided to recap on how we've been styling Leelee's hair. Unfortunately, we didn't do anything memorable this summer and stayed away from the heat. Ever since we participated in BBB protective style challenge before the summer, the protective styles have stuck with us. Prior to the challenge I never braided since I wasn't good at it. Leelee would wear her hair out most of the time and just style as we went out. I was always touching her hair, trying new styles or using rubberbands and ballies. This summer I probably used ballies and beads 2-3x. The majority of the time its been braided up for a few days and then worn out for a couple before being washed. See styles we've been doing here

I highly recommend protective styles and also think its perfect for the summer time. You can do boxbraids or any other style that will last long so that you don't always have to style. If you
always use beads, barettes, ballies or rubberbands it would be a great time to give those ends (hair) a break. Think of it like this: your children get a summer vacation, let their hair get a break, too! Summer is about enjoying yourself and having fun. It shouldn't have to spend too much time on doing hair. Doing a protective style for summer would help lessen the amount of time spent
On hair. You can always save the beads for school! What did you do to your child's, or your hair during the summer? Will you continue to do so?

Check out these other links for summer hair care tips from the other bloggers :

nail design: Hello! & 30 Day Challenge, Day 2- something I feel strongly about

Ive been slacking on my nail posts and was tired of having plain nails. While I was writing in my "hair book" it gave me an idea....

For this I used:
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Sinful Colors Verbena
Jordana Creamy Fuschia
And my dotting tools (forgot to picture)

I just did two coats of Jordana Creamy Fuschia and applied the Snow Me White for the polka dots. I painted my ring finger the Verbena. I originally wanted to do a bow on that finger but kept messing up. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money.

30 Day challenge, Day 2 - Something I feel strongly about:

I feel really strongly about my girls and how I want to raise them. When you go through things yourself, you see what's right and what's wrong. You see what you shoulda, coulda and woulda did. I didn't do well in school and missed out on a lot. I want my daughters to do everything I never did. I want them to participate in a lot of extra curricular activities and focus on school! I want to put them up on game about every possible situation they may run into especially with love and boys. I want them to be comfortable enough to talk to me about anything and everything. I believe its our job to steer them in the right direction and always leave an open line of communication. We can only do so much until they wander off to school, but from what we teach them they should know better or atleast feel comfortable enough to talk to us about a situation. As parents we all want better for our kids and I am no different!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter (unscented)

So far, I love Bee Mine products and hope to try more of their line. The curly hold butter is one of the products I always see highly recommended besides the Bee Mine luscious balanced moisturizer, so of course I had to try it out for myself. One of the main things I love about Bee Mine is their generous amounts in each jar, its always filled to the brim! So I always feel I am getting my moneys worth. Also, their ingredients are awesome. Everything is natural and good for the hair.

I've been using the curly hold butter since Nov 2010 and I really like it. I use this product with a moistuizing one. When doing styles with the Bee Mine curly butter, I use either the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie or the Bee Mine luscius balanced moisturizer and get great results. As for the product alone, not so much. When used alone it tends to leave Leelee's hair crunchy and leave a weird feeling. If you are getting these results try using it with another product. Interested in purchasing? Visit

30 Day Challenge Day 1- 5 Ways to win my &hearts

Five ways to win my heart
1.) Being able to keep up with my girls cuz they are too too much!
2.) Making me laugh
3.) Being honest
4.) Cooking good food!
5.) Having a good time (I'm hard to impress)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

review: Garnier Fructis shampoo olive, shea, avocado

I did a review awhile back on the Garnier Fructis Fortifying Conditioner Triple Nutrition Olive, Avocado and Shea (phew, thats a mouthful!) that I had bought, so now its time for the shampoo review. I finished the 13 fl oz conditioner pretty fast and when I went back to buy some more I was in a hurry and actually bought the shampoo on accident. When I returned I bought both the (correct!) big bottles of the shampoo and conditioner. Now, the first shampoo that I had bought on accident was labeled "dry, damaged hair" the other two, along with the very first conditioner I bought of this line is labeled "extra, dry damaged hair". I tried to go through the ingredients and kept getting mixed up but there is a noticeable difference between the dry and extra dry as far as the shampoos go. The shampoo labeled for dry, damaged hair was clear in color and pretty much felt like any other shampoo. It left that stripped feeling when washed out. The shampoo labeled for extra, dry damaged hair looked just like the conditioner. It was light in color and oily. I LOVED IT!!

**EDIT: I forgot to show how different they are in color. As I went to take this pic I noticed the "dry, damaged" (clear) the consistency was more runny. The "extra, dr damaged" was more thick but not too thick and oily if that makes sense.

I stopped using the other shampoo and have stuck with both the shampoo and conditioner labeled for extra, dry damaged hair. It works sooo well on LeeLee that I'm pretty sure I will keep buying these products. Have you tried this line? How has it worked for you?

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

30 day challenge

I decided to take part in this 30 day challenge that the wonderful Tracey from Baby Bella Hair has shared. Looking forward to it!

Will you be part of the challenge?

Btw, don't forget, if you haven't already join the giveaway she is having here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: Braes Thangs And More

I ordered two grab bags from Braes Thangs And More that were being offered for a limited time -$7 for one and $5 for any additional. There was an option for infant and toddler and was said to be 12-15 items in each bag up to atleast $12. Around this time, pictures were also posted on the wall of some items that were to be included in the grab bag and they were adorable. Of course, I had to grab two, an infant and a toddler. When I received the package I was so excited. I especially was eyeing these Hello Kitty clips that I really wanted. When I opened the package though I was disappointed. Inside, there was a receipt that read "grab bag $7" so I was assuming maybe this was just one grab bag and my other was separate.

When I looked inside there werent many so that's another reason I thought this. There were 2 (different color) velcro Hello Kitty clips for infants that were so tiny Babydoll wouldn't be able to use it. Two clips-a butterfly and dragonfly along with cloth headbands which I wasnt too fond of. A white bow that had a bunny (?) decoration in the middle that I didnt like at all (I ended up removing it). A colorful korker with matching headband, small bow and one cute Hello Kitty clip that I really wanted. So, basically I wasn't satisfied with my package. The only thing I liked was the Hello Kitty clip and I only got one when I thought maybe id atleast get a pair since that's how it was pictured. I kinda felt like I wasted my money and could have just spent it on the items that I did want but I thought by purchasing two id get a good deal. I guess that's what you get from grab bags! It truly is a mystery and you never know what you will get. I will go back and purchase the items that I do want though and hopefully there are still many in stock.

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bee Mine Order

I have no idea why I didn't post about this..especially when I was super excited about getting it! Here is our Bee Mine order that I did during the 15% off customer appreciation sale that was going on a few weeks ago.

I ordered:
16oz Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Moisturizer in Coconut $34.97
8oz Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter unscented $13.97
Purity Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar $8.00

My total was $56.94 but then I used the 15% off code and my $25 gift card I won during the BBB protective style challenge for week 3 which brought my total to $39.29! It was a great deal. I even received 2 free samples for being one of the first 25 to order (I made sure of this!) I received the Bee Mine Bee Lovely Moisturizing Daily Conditioner and the Bee Nourished Ayurvedic Herbal Bar.

I loved the sale and opportunity to receive discounts and samples because I needed to re-up from my first order in Nov of 2010. I purchased the Bee Mine Curly Hold and Bee Mine Luscious both 8oz and my total for those two alone was $38.32! Crazy..anyway if interested in purchasing visit Reviews coming soon!!

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

Monday, July 18, 2011

cute by accident

I washed Leelee's hair Saturday night with garnier fructis oil, avocado and shea shampoo and conditioner. I applied some Bee Mine Bee Lovely moisturizing conditioner that I received as a sample when I ordered during their sale (idk how I forgot to mention this. I will make a separate post soon) and a generous amount of coconut oil to seal. I left her hair out until Monday night when I decided to do her hair and it was hard to manage. It was dry and tangled..I'm not sure if it had to do with the Bee Mine moisturizing conditioner which indicated it could be used as a light leave-in as well. I already had a feeling her hair wouldn't work well with it. Next, I will try it as a conditioner.

Since her head was hard to manage I used a little of the glycerin to spritz. I had a style in my head and it turned out nothing like I wanted. I was just braiding her hair and thinking ugh, I hate this style, idk what I'm doing. I didn't want to stop and take it out because I already did that for 30min and just wanted to get it over with. Finally, towards the end I figured out a way and decided to braid all the braids together (yes, like always!) . I have no idea what this style is called but I heard its called the allen iverson braids? I'm tired of saying braiding the braids together. Does anybody else know the proper name? What do you call it?

The results:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

our glycerin mix

I love when Leelee's curls are like that - bouncy and fluffy. I've unintentionally done it to her hair a couple times so I don't remember what products I used. Lately, I've been experimenting and I think I found the answer. I watched a video on YouTube by ulovemegz here where she showed a tip on adding glycerin to your conditioner for cowashes which would add extra moisture. Glycerin is a humectant which means it attracts moisture. Since she said it was good for cowashes I immediately wanted to try it. I wanted to see if there would be a big difference if I added it to the conditioners that left Leelee's hair feeling stripped after (organix coconut and milk, giovani tea tree triple treat). First of all let me tell you....I didn't know which glycerin to look for. I've heard of glycerin and vegetable glycerin and apparently they are still the same but I think glycerin is easier to find unless you are at a health food store where vegetable glycerin can be found. Here was my experience, I kept asking for vegetable glycerin. I went to my grocery store (Bel Air) and they couldn't find it and never heard of it. I even called Rite Aid because I seen a video of a girl who purchased hers from there and they said the same! Anyway, I ended up going to Walmart and they didn't fail me. I went directly to the pharmacy and they pointed me in the right direction. I believe it was near the band aids.

Besides the glycerin she also added a little olive oil into the mix and I was also reading a few of the comments and there were mentions of some adding castor oil to conditioner. I never thought to try any of this. I pretty much eyeballed and did what i felt like her hair needed a lot of so I don't have exact measurements . My advice is to just go by what your hair (or your child's) needs. The items I used : organix coconut milk conditioner, glycerin, castor oil, vitamin e oil and olive oil.

As you can see the olive oil is already in the container. Its only a little bit since that was all I had left. I then added all the other ingredients.

I realized I added too much oil but I found a way to fix everything and make it work. Here is what the final mixture looks like.

I first tried it on my hair because I'm scared of ruining hers. I know our hair isn't the complete opposite but I would rather sacrifice my already damaged hair. I did a little test on my ends and it left it really stringy and dry. I didn't leave it in for a couple minutes though. Anything having to do with my hair is a fail so I didn't even bother. I tried again using it with another conditioner and nothing happened. I was afraid I wasted all the products. Then, when I was taking out one of her styles I decided to use the mix with water worked great! I loved it. I never use one product alone of course though so I'm not sure of this also has anything to do with it.

When taking down her style I sprayed with the mix and added some shea moisture curl and style milk then I would seal with a generous amount of coconut oil. On her her hairline and nape of the neck I use our shea mix to moistuize. And this is what we got.

So far, I like it and it works for us. Another way I achieved this look (after a style takedown) is by spraying with any conditioner and water and then applying all the same products after that I mentioned above. I will keep up with this and update to let you know of this is indeed the answer. Have you used a mix like this? What other mixes do you or have you used with these ingredients? What is your experience?

Sorry for the poor can view more on our facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

Friday, July 15, 2011


A FB fan page and account, a blog,reselling clothes and juggling two kids..phew! Its A sorry if I don't update too much.

Id like to say welcome to all my new followers. I really appreciate the love. I have a lot of ideas and plans for everything, I just have to figure out how to balance everything out. Thanks for the support! Stay tuned..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Once Upon A Curl Contest

I have been itching to do a review on Once Upon A Curl but it will come soon! Once Upon A Curl ia currently holding a braids contest. To join you may submit any style with braids. The style must have been done during the contest which is from July 5th-July 17th. To prove this you must have a sign that shows Once Upon A Curl Braid Contest. I know it may sound like too much especially with younger children but it is so that no styles submitted were entered into any other contests in the past. If you have not liked Once Upon A Curl yet please do so (let her know I sent you) and join the fun! I believe there are only two submissions which includes ours.

Here is our style submitted for the contest.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Darcy's Botanicals Daily Leave-in and Organic Coconut Butter Pomade Review

I realized I havent done many product reviews. I dont feel like I can give a thorough review of a product unless I have used it for a long period and even tried alternatives to make it work. I just recently have learned to do my daughter's hair so I havent tried too many product lines.

Since its been awhile, I will start with the very fist product and brand that I tried after learning about the bad ingredients and using all natural. The first hair care blog I ever found was Happy Girl Hair and because of her I decided to try out Darcy's Botanicals. It was my first "big splurge" I'm usually very cheap and I never in a million years would have thought id spend more than $5 on any hair product!

I only chose two items because browsing through the site was very overwhelming, I was still learning and didn't fully understand the difference between leavin-in, pomade, butter etc. I bought the Vanilla Delight Daily Leave-In Conditioner and Organic Coconut Butter Styling Pomade.

I love, love, love the Vanilla Delight leave-in and actually have used it all up. At first the smell was a little too weird and strong for me but I eventually got use to it. I would apply it immediately after she got out the shower and when it fully dried it would leave her curls so bouncy and defined. It never left it crunchy or hard. The consistency is light and milky so its easy to apply.

The coconut pomade on the other hand I'm not so sure. Back then it was the only product I used. I would use it alone and I didn't really like the results. Since its mostly coconut oil it is really oily. It would moisturize her hair and then end up feeling really dry after. I actually purchased some Bee Mine after and once I used the luscious balanced moisturizer I put the coconut pomade up and I havent used it since. I may use it for her ends and mine as well. I tried to look on their website and they no longer have the vanilla delight but I will def buy some more of the leave-in when I have a chance. I believe its the best I have used so far.

If you haven't heard of Darcy's Botanicals please stop by their website here and look around.

What was the first product you purchased after finding out how to properly care for natural hair? Do you still use it? Have you tried Darcy's Botanicals?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

X and Y braids

I call this style X and Y braids because that's exactly what they are (well, more like upside down Ys now that I think about it)! I was inspired to do this style after I seen some Y braids done on Tweeny Hair thanks for the idea! Please excuse my Y looks so crappy! This was my first attempt at them..and I'm not exactly sure how to do them. The post of Tweeny Hair helped but I don't know how to connect the two bottom parts to the top section. I just guessed and some hair would always pop up on one section. I think I'm getting pretty good on the criss-cross or "X" braids. If anybody can explain to me how to do the "Y" braid pls leave a comment. A video on youtube would probably help me more but I couldn't find any. Maybe someone can make one? Or even make a post about it? (:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Corner: Babydoll's hair

Babydoll's hair is slowly starting to grow and getting very dry. I haven't completely figured out how to get a hang of it either. I'm really paranoid, so I didn't want to experiment on her at such an early age and use all sorts of products so I tried a few natural items to begin with. I tried water mixed with some conditioner, coconut oil, shea butter and even some Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer ...nothing really workerd. The best result I got was from the shea butter but then within a few minutes it would become dry again. The back of her head is the driest even though I try my best to keep her off laying down on it. She even sleeps on her tummy but I guess its just unavoidable. The only shampoo I use on her is a body wash/shampoo that is a Walmart brand and I'm pretty sure I need to change that. So, here is where I need your help. What products should I use on her hair? Or what has worked fo/r you? I'm looking for a good shampoo (she is only almost 6m) and good moisturizer. Comment below..anything helps!

Sorry that the pics are phone and active little baby.

Here is her hair dry without any product. Notice she has two different curl patterns. The hair near her neck seem to be loose and bigger curls kind of resulting in a tail lol

Here is her hair with product..I can't remember if it was coconut oil or shea butter that used when I snapped this pic.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sassy Little Luvz (Bowtique)

I happened to grab a really good deal offered by Sassy Little Luvz (Bowtique)a few months ago. It was a daily deal of a cute pink zebra pettiskirt that I had seen often online. I always see this item advertised anywhere from $20-$25 and even though it is really cute, I never would have purchased it for its original price. I got the pettiskirt for only $11 shipped ($7 and $2 shipping) as opposed to $20-$25 for the pettiskirt alone. Great deal! When I received the package I was sooo happy I didn't spend $20+ on it. I think the pics were very deceiving. I honestly didn't know the difference between a pettiskirt and a tutu until I decided to write this review. Apparently, pettiskirts are made of soft material whereas tutus are made of tulle. However, in the pics I have seen of these pettiskirts made the item look really full.

Here it is on LeeLee (bow from Pretty Princess Hairbows, review coming soon!)

So I was a little disappointed but not as much as I would have been if I paid full price. I definitely thought the item wasn't worth the original price but that's just me. Sassy Little Luvz (Bowtique) has cute items such as infant ballerina slippers, diaper/tote bags and even fleece blankets she makes herself. Her items are great as gifts as well. She offers lots of packages. So stop by her page and see what it's all about.

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

sunshine award

I want to thank Shay from Mainly Braids for nominating me for this award. I just started this blog and joined the blogger world and everybody is sooooo sweet and nice. I really appreciate it. Def. Follow her blog!

In order to collect your reward here's how it works:
Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them
Tell one thing about yourself
Then nominate 10 blogs
Stop by and let them know you chose them!

One thing about myself.....I hate creepy crawly insects...ewww!

And now…I would like to nominate the following blogs for this award
1.) Happy Girl Hair
2.) Princess Hairstyles
3.) My Frugal Mom
5.) Lovely In Lacquer
6.) Heather123
7.) This Is My Reason To Smile
8.) Bebexoxo's (YT) blog
9.) sixytwentysevenblog's (YT) blog
10.) BBB

These are blogs that I've been reading for almost a year ad a few that are YouTube users who I really love to watch everytime one of their videos pop up on my subscription feed!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Corner: Babydoll's First Style

In case you didn't know, I have another little princess who is almost 6m and will be featured on this blog as soon as I can find things to do with her hair. At this age with Leelee I didn't know what to do so she either wore a headband or had her hair out in a hot mess all tangled and knotted. Poor baby. This time, I know better! But even so, their hair seems different. Anyway, here is Babydoll's first "style" aside from the usual cloth headband or nothing at all. I was just messing around while she was asleep. I know its not all that great but I was just excited to have done something to her hair for once. Its hard for me to style while its short because I don't want to put too much tension on her scalp and I'm afraid of doing styles too tight. I'm really amazed that her hair can be lightweight done at this age! So, look forward to some more Babydoll and styles for your little one. (:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New month, New things..

The beginning of July has brought me many ideas and I am super excited to get everything started.

There are a ton of products and brands that I want to buy and try out so I've decided to put a $25 limit to spend on hair accessories/products combined but....I will also have a limit of $40-$50 to spend on certain brands online. This will go for makeup and nail polish as well. This will give me a chance to be able to buy products I've been wanting but at the same time have a limit and not go over it. Also, if I spend less than $25 in a month then it will roll over to the next.

Now, I'm not so sure how this will work. I've recently been spending a lot of money on hair accessories at all these little boutiques on FB (darn, them!). It has really been adding up. So I'm hoping this "limit" will make me think twice about what I need more - a cute little bow that's $6 or some shea butter.

I have such a loooooong list of products and brands I want to try its ridiculous. I will also have a haul post of all the things I bought at the end of the month to show where my $25 went. I know some months I barely spend anything and there are others that burn holes into my pockets. So I am super excited to see how this will play out! (:

Friday, July 1, 2011

first of the month length check: July #1

I decided to do a new thing every month to check Leelee's length every 1st of the month to see how her hair growth progresses over time. Since today is the beginning of a new month Hello, July! This will be the first length check.

I spritzed with a mixture of conditioner and water and added kkcc..I'm loving it so far!

I'm hoping I can stick to this. I've done this for her height but only lasted 3 months lol so we will see how this goes..

Btw, I've been editing the page and adding some features so def check it out!