Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wrestling Addicted Mommy : Curly Is Cuter Giveaway

Wrestling addicted mommy has a giveaway for Curly Is Cuter items. I absolutely love their site and all the accessories they offer. I recently made an order with them and always love everything I get. She also has VERY fast shipping..can't get any better!

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Review: Garnier Fructis avocado, olive and shea conditioner

I've seen the commercial for this on tv and wanted to try it because of the avocado, olive and shea- it just sounded like it would be something good for the hair. There was also a post on the BBB FB page about it (Hi, LaShauna!) and I thought, I need to pick this up. I wasn't really looking for a shampoo just another good conditioner so I only picked up the conditioner. Most products I use on Leelee for styling or moisture I don't use on myself, so I don't know exactly how it feels. Even though it may moisturize or hold well I don't know how it feels for her on her own head..if its too heavy on the scalp or feels dirty. Does that make sense? Anyway, only products I use that she uses is shampoo and conditioner.

When I first used it on Leelee's hair, I left it in for a couple minutes like I always do with every conditioner before washing out. I instantly liked it! When she got out it left her hair super soft, bouncy and even had a lil shine. It was detangled well with no knots whatsoever. All I did was moisturize/seal with coconut oil and it was perfect.

As for myself, it is the same- I LOVE IT! My hair is stick straight, damaged and tangles a lot. Whenever I get out of the shower I wrap it up into a towel and usually leave it for 20 minutes or so because I just hate dealing with it. After using this conditioner and leaving my hair thrown into a towel, it left my hair SOOOO soft and detangled. I was really surprised! I seriously loved it. I was able to run my hands through my hair with barely (if any!) knots ..it slipped straight through.

The only con I can think about for me is that it kind of leaves my hair oily looking after a couple days. Its bad for my hair type because it'll just look oily and dirty but its perfect for Leelee's dry hair that needs that extra moisture. I'm still in love with the fact that it leaves my hair super soft though.

I've used Suave almond and shea conditioner, Aussie moist, Organix coconut and milk and even Organix moroccan argon oil and they all left me with the same result- soft after rinsing it out and then nasty and tangled afterwards (and I was use to this result) I am glad to say this product is different. Its really a must have that I will keep buying!

Btw, when I purchased this I also got the Aussie Moist as well and guess what I'm doing......returning it!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PSC Week 3

I took out last weeks style on Thursday. I washed her hair Friday night with Organix Shea Shampoo and conditioned with Garnier Fructis olive, avocado and shea (review coming REAL soon!). I moisturized with coconut oil afterwards when she got out. Today (Saturday), I started to style and just randomly did a design like always. As I was braiding I was spritzing a mixture of water, shampoo and vit E into her hair and would coat with coconut oil and a bit of Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter. I held each section in place with a cloth pony holder. I think it came out pretty good. Before this challenge, I was NOT good at braiding whatsoever. I wouldn't even attempt to do any, let alone a full head but I think I'm getting the hang of it! I may change the style midweek depending on how it is looking.


I realized I'm doing all these posts and never really had a set nickname to call my daughter on this blog. I'm tired of always saying "my daughter this..my daughter that.." So, here I am introducing my beautiful 2yr old LeeLee. I am so thankful that she lets me play and mess with her hair all day. I'm not sure how she can stand it! Get ready for a lot of LeeLee (:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Walmart bows for $1

So I wanted to do a quick post about bows I got from Walmart for $1! I found them in the baby section hanging at end caps and the brand is "for kids sake". I first saw them a couple weeks ago and was going to buy a bunch but held back and said next time. Well, I came back and surprise, surprise, it was mostly cleaned out. Majority of the designs are either solid, polka dot or stripes. I found a cute zebra one and just a plain yellow I needed. Hopefully, when I go back they reup (i doubt it) or I may have to visit a different Walmart. I think its a pretty good deal on cute bows. So visit your local Walmart and see what they have. (:

Btw, I've bought a ton of new hair accessories and I will do another separate post one day. Its just too much for me lol I swear I better not buy anymore hair accessories next month! (Yeah right......)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PSC Update Style Variation & New Style

I'm updating to show how I switched up her style a few times. For one look I sectioned 3 different parts of her hair and used a cloth ponytail holder to keep them in place. 2nd, I just gathered it all up and placed it in a high ponytail using an ouchless ponytail holder and last but not least, before I took out the style completely I did a braidout for the ends to get that cute mohawk look.

I took out the style on Tuesday and did a new one. I just sectioned off the botton half and cornrowed six going down and the top part was just pretty random. I styled with Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter and shea butter mix. I will keep this style in until Friday or so and let her wear it out for a day or so and wash her hair and restyle for next week.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Protective Style Challenge Week 2

This week I decided to cornrow her hair in rows horizontally and just braid down together where they all met. I lightly cowashed her hair with Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner (see other post) with her previous style in on Thursday and did this style Friday immediately after taking out the other style. I may take this out on Monday or Tuesday because it is already starting mess up and I think it is because I didnt use a lot of product like I did with the last. I even used a small cloth pony holder at the end so that it will hold together. I used a bit of Shea Moisture Smoothie to style. I didnt apply the Bee Mine hold or the shea butter mix I use and I will start since I'm noticing a difference. Stay tuned for the midweek update for a new style.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Protective Style Challenge Week 1

I'm participating in a Protective Style Challenge that Beads, Braids and Beyond is having. At first I didn't think I would be able to do it but so far for the first week its going really good. Because of the texture of my daughter's hair I style it 3-4x a week. Styles usually do not last long. I wanted to participate so that I could give my daughter a break and style maybe just once or twice because I know she is tired of me touching her head! Lol

This is the style I did for the first week and it has held up nicely. It did get frizzy but it wasn't too bad. I had done another style before this for the challenge but took it out last minute because it wasn't holding up too well. So instead of Sunday, I did this style and submitted it on Tuesday (the last day). This was done on 3 day hair. I washed her hair Saturday night with Organix Shea butter shampoo and used Suave Shea and Almond conditioner. When she got out I used Shea Moisture Curl Milk on her hair for moisturizing. I used Bee Mine's Curly Hold Butter and Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie for braiding. I applied a mixture of shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil and vit e oil on her ends so that it wouldnt get too dry. I also spritzed a bit of Palmer's Olive Oil to her braids to refresh and applied the shea butter mix on her ends daily.

This is the longest style to ever stay in here hair-3 days. And also the first style to wash in. I usually always take out a style prior to washing but I left these in and I wasn't sure what to do but I just sprayed a mixture of conditioner and water and rinsed it. I didn't care too much how it left the style because I knew I was going to take it out the next day. Stay tuned for next weeks style!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oldie but goodie

Here is a style I did during Christmas time. This is one of the first designs I've done. I did these on fake nails and used nailpolish from F21, Pure Ice and Jordana. I painted 2 coats of the grey from F21 then, randomly placed green spots. I used a dotting tool to do the lines around the spots.

Untrained Hair Mom: Diva Do's Hair Accessory Giveaway!

Untrained Hairmom is having a Diva Do's accessory give away that is a cute crocheted looking headband that ties in the back. Something id love to have in my collection. Check it out!

Untrained Hair Mom: Diva Do's Hair Accessory Giveaway!

Curly Hair Is Beautiful: !!!GIVEAWAY!!!

Curly is beautiful is currently having a giveaway. I love love hair accessories so it would be nice to win! (; Curly Hair Is Beautiful: !!!GIVEAWAY!!!: