Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jewelry Review Youtuber: TheIceiing

I recently found a user on Youtube named TheIceiing. I cannot remember how I found her but I'm glad that I did. She's such a beautiful girl and does tutorials on make-up as well as reviews and even has a few videos on her curly hair. I even found out that she sells jewelry. A few pieces she custom makes herself. There were a lot of pieces I wanted to buy but for now I just chose two items.

One is an adjustable ring that is square shaped. Its a gold band with white, gold and torquiose color blocks. The other is a silver bow bracelet with an adjustable clasp. I love both items and will definitely purchase more. Her items are very reasonably priced as well. I got both items for $11 shipped. Along with the jewelry, she was also having a product sale where I was able to purchase some kkcc. I have not tried it yet but am very excited to do so. Of course, review coming in the future.

The only things that I have to say is that the adjustable part of the bracelet was loose so it kept falling off the minute I tried it on. Its not a biggie, I just removed it completely and would clasp it in one of the rings of the bracelet itself. Another thing was packaging, I order A LOT online so shipping time and packaging is a big thing to me. The jewelry wasn't bubble wrapped or protected, it did say "fragile" but who really listens to that? It bugged me a teeny tiny little because its jewelry and it can get messed up, but thankfully it was all good!

So, if you are looking for some cute jewelry or want to watch some great videos on makeup and product reviews check out TheIceiing on YouTube!

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

Simple & cute

Products used:
L.A. Girl matte flat finish in hot pink (I love love love this color but since I used a top coat you can't see the matte finish)
Sinful Colors in Snow Me White
Rhinestones and pearls from Ebay

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beads, beads, beads

Sorry for the absence! I haven't really had time to gather posts together. I have a ton of ideas and reviews for products and stores but I just haven't had a chance to sit down and do them.

Anyway, I decided to do a quick post about beads on leelee's hair. This is the first time I've done a style with beads. I buy a ton and don't even use them.....what is wrong with me?! I'm not sure how I'm liking the beads. Her hair is very thin and gets even more thin at the ends. As I was adding the beads I noticed it seemed really fragile. I did the style Wednesday and took it out today.

I redid a new style and added beads again and I've noticed if I make larger braids and even them out its not too bad. I also coat the ends really well with my shea mixture and dip the rubberbands in olive oil. I will see how things go.

Btw, I used the beads from Walmart and within a few minutes of adding the beads she was playing rough with her dad and one poppes and broke. Has anybody else purchased the beads from Walmart? How did it hold up? Also, I noticed when I was adding them a few of the braids seemed shaky and the beads became all lopsided. Am I doing something wrong? Has anybody else experienced this? I'm thinking maybe I waa doing the rubberbanda too tight.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I got it!

Picked it up from Walmart (:

I seriously need to stop buying hair stuff. I have 3 shampoos, 4 conditioners and whole bunch of styling products and accessories..most unused! I'm hoping to use up everything before I buy anything else (with exception to the Bee Mine products I will get soon, thanks BBB! That's another post....) anyway, lets see if I can stick with it!

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money.

Friday, June 17, 2011

organizing hair products and accessories

So I went to jo-ann fabrics yesterday and wanted to find an organizer case to hold beads. I found one similiar to something I seen at Walmart. It was $9 but on sale 50% off so it turned out to be around $4. I even picked up a little bin to put hair products in. The original price was for $3 and I got it for $1 and some change. There were a lot of storages and bins on sale. I'm not sure about details but if you're looking for stoirage cases and wanting to organize please make sure you stop at a Jo-Ann Fabrics in your area or call to see if they have sales because I thought it was a really good deal.

Since I finally bought a case to organize the beads I decided to do a post on how I organize hair products and accessories. Originally I was going to make a video so I could show stuff way better but after about 3 attempts I gave up. I'm so goofy, I was stumbling all over my words and I HATE the sound of my voice.

This is how I organize the ballies and barrettes. I have them sorted by color in a plastic container I bought from Big Lots for $2. I believe its originally for storing index cards. I have 5 cases - one for greens and yellows, blues and purples, pinks, and black/red/orange/white. I have another separate one where I store crocheted headbands.

This is a black storage container I got at Walmart for $5 in the office section. There are two drawers, two little compartments at the top and a little section that lifts up. In the two compartments I have the Created by Nature samples I haven't tried yet and just a small white bowl I use for when I soak rubberbands in olive oil before I use it.

This shows the little area that lifts up. I store random ponytail holders that have trinkets on them and a whole bunch of rubberbands.

Here is one of the drawers. Its all the ponytail holders I have separated by color each on a curtain ring. I got the idea from BBB, thanks!

Here is the other drawer and I just store random things in there. There are 3 packs of goody ouchless bands I got on sale at Walgreens for $1, some ponyholders I got in a hair kit at Walmart and these cute princess bottle cap clippies I won at an auction from Pretty Princess Hairbows (FB, check her out!) For only $2!

Just a bin with random things. There's a zilploc with cloth headbands so they don't get dirty. There's also a glue gun along with glue, other samples I haven't tried, other hard headbands, ponytail holders and new items I haven't stored yet.

These are the current hair products I use. It consist of Bee Mine's luscious moisturizer and Curly hold butter that I'm running low on :(
Ecostyler gel, my shea butter mixture, coconut oil, shea moisture curl and style milk, shea moisture curl smoothie, Palmer's olive oil spray and kkcc that I haven't tried yet. There is also a spray bottle that consists of conditioner and water.

Here is the organizer I bought from Jo-Ann Fabrics with stored beads and snaps and a few combs and clips for sectioning.

This is where I store a few unopened hair accessories.

Prior to all this I had everythng separated by color in individual ziploc bags and inside the hello kitty tin box I use in the pic above with unopened accessories. I got tired of that and started buying the clear cases. I'm somewhat feel better about how everything is organized but I'm not satisfied ..its not exactly how I want to do it and haven't figured out exactly how I will put together how I'm imagining it. yes, everything is organized but I feel like there's too many storages. I want everything to be in one place.

I also have created a bow board for the bow collection I'm beginning and I even added a little section with velcroed ribbon to easily add and remove headbands on the side as well.

Hope you enjoy and get some ideas from what I've shared!

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Virtual Playdate

Thanks toBabyBellaHairwe have been invited to this virtual playdate.

Here are 10 facts about LeeLee (2) and Babydoll (5 months tomorrow!)

1.) Leelee can count to ten in three languages - English, Tagalog and Spanish.
2.) Babydoll babbles A LOT.
3.) Leelee loves everything and anything to do with princesses.
4.) Babydoll can say mama.
5.) Leelee drinks water 95% of the time.
6.) Babydoll loves to let us know she's bored, unhappy or mad by shrieking at the top of her lungs
7.) Leelee thinks anybody wearing a skirt, dress or crown is automatically a "princess".
8.) Babydoll sometimes has to touch her own hair when she sleeps.
9.) Leelee has to touch MY hair majority of the time to sleep or comfort her.
10.) Both my princesse's birthdays are in January (:

Im not sure how many people have been tagged and I don't want to do any repeats so I just want to tag everyone and anyone.

To join the playdate enter 10 facts about your little one(s) under the comments. If you have your own blog post your 10 facts there and thank and link the person that invited you. Then, to keep this amazing idea going, invite other people to join the playdate!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sinful Colors - Verbena

Sinful colors is one of the best cheap nailpolishes I love. At $1.99 its seriously a great steal. A couple months ago I stumbled upon them while Walgreens was having their Shea Moisture bogo sale. Walgreens frequently has sinful colors nailpolishes on sale for. 99! I thought sinful colors was only found out Walgreens but I found them at Rite Aid the other day and this is where I found this perfect purple I have been searching for. Verbana is the name and it is exactly what I have been wanting. I have seen this color made under high end brands like OPI and was so surprised when I seen this color by Sinful colors I just had to snatch it up. If your are looking for a nice purple at an affordable price this is the one. If anybody else uses sinful colors let me know what colors you like from them.

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

Sunday, June 12, 2011

PSC Week 5

So I got my weeks mixed up and thought last week was the end. I even posted that little timeline of her styles throughout the challenge -____- anyway, her previous style was her hair braided in front and the back was out. I didn't want to do that all week long because im pretty sure it would get tangled and dry easily. I wanted to keep it protected. I washed her hair yesterday with Organix Shea shampo and conditioned with Garnier Fructis olive, avocado and shea conditioner. I finished styling today. I did her front and half of one side last night. I also bought some eco styler gel and I'm liking it so far. I used it to style along with Beemine luscious and curly hold butter. I tried to up the style a bit by adding a crisscross braid on each side. I need more practice with those! I'm hoping this style will last a week. I will refresh with some eco styler gel and spritz with Palmer's olive oil. This challenge has def been fun and I loved seeing all the designs and hair regimen and products used with each participant.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Protective Style Challenge: Weekly Styles

SIDENOTE: I always update from my phone through email and everytime I upload a pic it automatically gets positioned at the beginning of the post, no matter how many pics it just posts one after the other. That bugs me so much! And its so confusing to edit and rearrange the codes. I wish there was an easier way. I just wanted to let everyone know in case it bugs them, too. Lol

Since this is the last week of BBB's month long protective style challenge I decided to do a post on the styles that I did on Leelee.

First collage:
The top pic is the style I did for? week 1.
Pictures 2 and 3 are variations of the week 2 style.
Pic 4 is the 2nd style I did during week 2.
Pic 5 is the back of the style I did for week 3.
Pic 6 is the top of the style I did for week 4.
Pic 7 is the back of the style for week 4.
Pic 8 is the updated and new style for week 4.
Pic 9 is the back of how I left her hair when styled for week 4 with the updated new style.

Second collage:

Pic 1 shows a collage of the style I did for week 1.
Pic 2 is a collage I did for week 2. Pic 3 is a collage that shows variations I did for the style of week 2.
Pic 4 is the updated and new style I did for week 2.
Pic 5 and 6 is the style I did for week 3 and how I styled it.

Pic 7 is the style I did for week 4
Pic 8 is the updated new style I did for week 4 and how I styled.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all the styles I came up with!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PSC Week 4 update

On Tuesday I took out the previous style I had done earlier this week. I let her wear her hair out for the rest of that day until Wednesday night. Pictured above is how I did her hair Wednesday. I tied it loosely into a ponytail with an ouchless ponytail holder and placed a bow to style it up a bit. I washed her hair Thursday night with Garnier Fructic olive, avocado and shea shampoo and conditioner. I then used coconut oil to seal when she got out like I've been doing. I then styled her hair today with two cornrows at the front and left the back unstyled so that I can either put it into two pony tails with an ouchless ponytail holder (pictured above) or just loosely out. I will keep this style in the rest of the challenge. I styled with Shea Moisture curl smoothie and my shea mixture. I will be spritzing and moisturizing the back of her hair daily with water and conditioner and probably use coconut oil and Palmer's olive oil as well.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Untrained Hair Mom: Created by Nature Product Giveaway

I recently received a sample from Created by Nature and still have not tried it yet. I will be doing a review soon. I was excited to see Untrained Hairmom had a review and giveaway. Her results definitely make me wanna try the products, especially Jajas loc and body pomade. Of course, I had to enter the giveaway in hopes of winning. If you're interested in trying out the Created by Nature line check out their FB for more info and enter Untrained Hairmom's giveaway for a chance to sample some.

Untrained Hair Mom: Created by Nature Product Review and Giveaway:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

PSC Week 4

I took out last weeks style on Friday. I washed with Organix Shea shampoo and conditioned with the wonderful Garnier Fructis olive, avocado and shea conditioner (see review below) and added coconut oil as a moisturizer when she got out. I styled Saturday with yet another random design. I seriously have no ideas anymore and it didn't come out like I expected it to. I was trying to think of a style that would last the rest of the challenge but couldn't come up with anything. Id love to do box braids but I know it wouldn't hold well without a rubberband at the base. Leelee's hair does this weird thing where styles esp braids tend to pop up and bend all over the place after a nights sleep. Any ideas as to why?

I used a little bit of Bee Mine curly hold butter, Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and my shea mixture. I focused on using the curly hold butter and shea mixture on her ends. I will try to keep this style in as long as possible and just try to tweak it a little but I'm not too sure since I'm not satisfied with how it looks. We will see how it holds up.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

PSC Update: Style Variation Week 3

For this weeks style I couldn't do a lot of different style variations. I was only able to change the pony holders whenever she went out. I put a cute pink and silver ouchless ponytail holder on each section to match her outfit. I also ended up braiding all the braids together (again, yes! I love the look! Lol) because after a couple days the braids that were loose sticking out started to look funky and go every which way. I rinsed her hair with the style in tue night and will take it out sometime today and prepare for next weeks style.