Sunday, June 5, 2011

PSC Week 4

I took out last weeks style on Friday. I washed with Organix Shea shampoo and conditioned with the wonderful Garnier Fructis olive, avocado and shea conditioner (see review below) and added coconut oil as a moisturizer when she got out. I styled Saturday with yet another random design. I seriously have no ideas anymore and it didn't come out like I expected it to. I was trying to think of a style that would last the rest of the challenge but couldn't come up with anything. Id love to do box braids but I know it wouldn't hold well without a rubberband at the base. Leelee's hair does this weird thing where styles esp braids tend to pop up and bend all over the place after a nights sleep. Any ideas as to why?

I used a little bit of Bee Mine curly hold butter, Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and my shea mixture. I focused on using the curly hold butter and shea mixture on her ends. I will try to keep this style in as long as possible and just try to tweak it a little but I'm not too sure since I'm not satisfied with how it looks. We will see how it holds up.