Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jewelry Review Youtuber: TheIceiing

I recently found a user on Youtube named TheIceiing. I cannot remember how I found her but I'm glad that I did. She's such a beautiful girl and does tutorials on make-up as well as reviews and even has a few videos on her curly hair. I even found out that she sells jewelry. A few pieces she custom makes herself. There were a lot of pieces I wanted to buy but for now I just chose two items.

One is an adjustable ring that is square shaped. Its a gold band with white, gold and torquiose color blocks. The other is a silver bow bracelet with an adjustable clasp. I love both items and will definitely purchase more. Her items are very reasonably priced as well. I got both items for $11 shipped. Along with the jewelry, she was also having a product sale where I was able to purchase some kkcc. I have not tried it yet but am very excited to do so. Of course, review coming in the future.

The only things that I have to say is that the adjustable part of the bracelet was loose so it kept falling off the minute I tried it on. Its not a biggie, I just removed it completely and would clasp it in one of the rings of the bracelet itself. Another thing was packaging, I order A LOT online so shipping time and packaging is a big thing to me. The jewelry wasn't bubble wrapped or protected, it did say "fragile" but who really listens to that? It bugged me a teeny tiny little because its jewelry and it can get messed up, but thankfully it was all good!

So, if you are looking for some cute jewelry or want to watch some great videos on makeup and product reviews check out TheIceiing on YouTube!

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own