Friday, July 1, 2011

first of the month length check: July #1

I decided to do a new thing every month to check Leelee's length every 1st of the month to see how her hair growth progresses over time. Since today is the beginning of a new month Hello, July! This will be the first length check.

I spritzed with a mixture of conditioner and water and added kkcc..I'm loving it so far!

I'm hoping I can stick to this. I've done this for her height but only lasted 3 months lol so we will see how this goes..

Btw, I've been editing the page and adding some features so def check it out!


style='clear: both;' BabyBellaHair said...

Do you mind if I 'borrow' your first of the month idea? It is soooo hard to remember to length check on a monthly basis! What a better time than the first of the month!!!

style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

Of course you may! It's a really good idea. I've been wanting to document her hair growth so the beginning of every month is perfect.

style='clear: both;' UntrainedHairMom said...

great idea...her hair is looking great!

style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

Thanks, I know we've come a long way.