Saturday, July 30, 2011


I didn't update on Leelee's new hair style too fast because right when I was done I had a ton of style variations in mind and wanted to make it all one post. Again, when I styled everything was random. I had no style in mind and just braided as I went. I will try and make this as much as a tutorial as I can since its what my blog is lacking. I'm really bad at describing things so please bare with me (:

I started on banded hair. see post here I sectioned her hair into four parts by dividing her hair vertically and then ear to ear. I started braiding the bottom left corner with four braids and the same thing with the botton right section. I wanted to switch the style up a bit so in the two top sections I decided to add criss-cross braids. On each section I started with one braid, a criss-cross braid and then two more braids. So, in total on each top section, there were three regular braids and one cornrow braid in this pattern: regular braid, criss-cross braid, regular braid, regular braid. I hope I'm making sense lol ...onto the styles:

On the first night I was done (Saturday night) I decided to put her hair into a bun and leave it like that for the next day.

top view

right side

left side

On Monday I took the bun down and braided all the loose ends together like this.

Tuesday I put it back into a bun and added a cute lil flower clip to dress her hair up.

Wednesday I unbraided the two very front braids and two back braids along with all the loose ends to create a mohawk look. I added a little poof in the front. For the loose hair I applied kinky curly curling custard because it curls her hair beautifully. I then secured random parts with bobby pins so it wouldn't fall apart.

I really wish I had better pics of the mohawk because it was sooo cute but she wouldn't cooperate with me at all. She's tired of me taking pics of her hair lol. I actually created 6 styles with this hairstyle but I didnt take pics of them. After I let her wear her hair in a mohawk the next day I gathered all the loose hair and smoothed the front and back and tied it into a bun. It was a cute lil puff ball on her head with the curls. Lastly, I undid all the braids for a braid out.

I hope you enjoyed this 4-in-1 style as much as we did. My favorite was the mohawk. She wore it like that for her cousin's birthday party and received lots of compliments. This goes to show that you can do really cute protective styles and always switch it up. Its ok to leave styles in even when there is frizz. Its fun to see what other style variations you can come up with. Be creative!

30 day challenge, day 6 - views on mainstream music
I HATE mainstream music ..well majority of them. I don't listen to the radio or watch music videos so I'm pretty late on whats new and what's "in". I use to always know music that came out before they got played but lately all the music I've heard I couldn't stand. Now, I'm not saying the type I listen to is better in any way shape or form because it definitely isn't. I think a lot of people would not even guess the type of music I like. I liked mainstream music back when it was AJ and Free on 106th and park, when they had tigger on rap city the basement, CMC with Chuy Gomez, Carson on TRL and when skinny jeans wasn't a thing for guys to wear. Get my drift?


style='clear: both;' amandak23k said...

Love all the styles!!!! Very cute and creative.

And I so agree with you on the music thing. I miss those days, things just haven't been the same since then. I don't know why things have to change when they're not for the better. I find myself turning the radio off or listening to kids music or old michael jackson cd's because I can't stand the radio anymore.

style='clear: both;' Mama M said...

Love the 4-in-1 styles!! The mohawk is my favourite but they *all* look great. JJ is getting annoyed with me trying to take pictures all the time too - if you have any advice let me know!!!!

style='clear: both;' Diva Locks said...

Cute syles, I like them all :)

style='clear: both;' Goldilocks*n*Me said...

I like the mohawk! So impressed that you can just freestyle like that! I don't have that skill yet, workin' on it!

style='clear: both;' BraidwithMe said...

This is so cute!!

style='clear: both;' Baby Big Hair said...

Now that is "Switchin' it up" something crazy!! wow. cornrows are flawless. Yes, I'm officially my parents when it comes to what's out there, saying "that's not music!", "Smut" and sayings of that sort. I'm now a die hard fan news radio. Life full circle. Anywho, great job mommy!

style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

@amanda thanks, girl!

@mama m sorry, I have no advice lol my daughter is not having it with me and slways wants to give me a hard time about it..sometimes It works if.I bribe her or give her something to do to keep her occupied or distracted

@thanks tiff!!

@Tav..I always thought I couldn't freestyle or just braid per! Once you get a hang of it. It will be easy. When you are braiding yoh will ee where to section or what looks right. Most of the time I think my designs will be a disaster and they turn out cute lol

@Aisha, thanks girl! Nowhere as talented as you but I try!!

@BBH..thanks..I've learned you can switch up protective styles a lot. I love em

style='clear: both;' Precious said...

Adorable styles!!