Wednesday, July 27, 2011

banding + 30 day challenge, day 3 - a book I love

Banding the hair is another way to stretch the hair without the use of heat. It can also help with keeping the hair tangle free after detangling and washing. I learned about banding from BBB. I immediately wanted to try it like everything I see her do! Majority of the time it comes out nothing like hers because Leelee's hair is not long enough.

The first few times I tried to band I would always split her hair down the middle to form two ponytails and begin banding. I never used a moisturizer either. I would band as soon as she got out the bath. I would also use the small cloth pony holders because her hair is too short and fine for the regular ouchless bands. Because of this three things would happen:
1.) The cloth bands would slide up or down all over eachother. Sometimes even slide off. It would leave big gaps between the bands making her hair stick up every which way.
2.) When I would go to take the bands out there would be hair coming out with it!
3.) The hair wouldnt get stretched. It would just look lumpy and wavy.

I never left her hair banded for a long period of time either because I felt like it never worked. I decided to try it again the other day to see if it would make it easier while braiding her hair. After she got out the back I sectioned four parts, two in front and two in back. I applied A LOT A LOT of Bee Mine luscious moisturizer and even spritzed her hair lightly with the glycerin mix when I was done. The next morning I decided to reband them since it was looking loose. This time I applied a generous amount of Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Then the following evening I took out the bands and these were the results:

here is a pic showing her hair after (left) and what her hair usually looked like unstretched (right).

It was a success! This is the straightest I've ever seen her hair and I was amazed. When I decided to braid it was easier becaus I didn't have to stop spray anything because her hair wasn't tangled or needed any moisture. Will I do it again? Yes! I'm trying to decide if if I should band regularly as a routine after getting out the bath. I just don't like how funky they look while they are banded and we need to go out. I may have to invest in some good looking ponyholders then! Do you band? How does it work for you?

30 day challenge, day 3 - A book you love
I really love reading. Its one of the things I enjoy doing the most. My favorite is reading urban/street books I'm not sure what its classified under. I haven't picked up a good book recently but a few I like are:
Sistah souljah's The Coldest Winter Ever
HOODRAT by K'wan, Bling by Erica Kennedy, A child called "it" by Dave Pelzer. A child called "it" is such a sad story but its a really good reas. Also, a true one about the author himself. I can't wait to see everyone else's picks. I may have to read a few (:


style='clear: both;' Keach said...

I have tried banding twice but my little lady is stubborn and keeps taking the bandies off her hair. I will wash her hair, detangle, moisturize, band it and put her to bed. Some time between that and the next morning, she take them out.:(
I don't have 1 favorite book. I love different books by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love to read.

style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

Hi, thanks for leaving a comment! How old is your little girl? Maybe you can try putting a cap on her head so she doesn't touch it. Or if she old enough you can explain to her not to touch her hair. Also, you can try to band for awhile during the day. Start in the morning and take out at night to see how it works.I will look up sherrilyn kenyon books. Thanks!

style='clear: both;' Kandy said...

I band and I notice less tangles vs braiding the hair at night. I typically re-band the next day and then her hair is nice a straight.

style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

Do you band often kandy? I'm thinking of adding it to our routine.