Saturday, July 9, 2011

X and Y braids

I call this style X and Y braids because that's exactly what they are (well, more like upside down Ys now that I think about it)! I was inspired to do this style after I seen some Y braids done on Tweeny Hair thanks for the idea! Please excuse my Y looks so crappy! This was my first attempt at them..and I'm not exactly sure how to do them. The post of Tweeny Hair helped but I don't know how to connect the two bottom parts to the top section. I just guessed and some hair would always pop up on one section. I think I'm getting pretty good on the criss-cross or "X" braids. If anybody can explain to me how to do the "Y" braid pls leave a comment. A video on youtube would probably help me more but I couldn't find any. Maybe someone can make one? Or even make a post about it? (: