Sunday, July 24, 2011

review: Garnier Fructis shampoo olive, shea, avocado

I did a review awhile back on the Garnier Fructis Fortifying Conditioner Triple Nutrition Olive, Avocado and Shea (phew, thats a mouthful!) that I had bought, so now its time for the shampoo review. I finished the 13 fl oz conditioner pretty fast and when I went back to buy some more I was in a hurry and actually bought the shampoo on accident. When I returned I bought both the (correct!) big bottles of the shampoo and conditioner. Now, the first shampoo that I had bought on accident was labeled "dry, damaged hair" the other two, along with the very first conditioner I bought of this line is labeled "extra, dry damaged hair". I tried to go through the ingredients and kept getting mixed up but there is a noticeable difference between the dry and extra dry as far as the shampoos go. The shampoo labeled for dry, damaged hair was clear in color and pretty much felt like any other shampoo. It left that stripped feeling when washed out. The shampoo labeled for extra, dry damaged hair looked just like the conditioner. It was light in color and oily. I LOVED IT!!

**EDIT: I forgot to show how different they are in color. As I went to take this pic I noticed the "dry, damaged" (clear) the consistency was more runny. The "extra, dr damaged" was more thick but not too thick and oily if that makes sense.

I stopped using the other shampoo and have stuck with both the shampoo and conditioner labeled for extra, dry damaged hair. It works sooo well on LeeLee that I'm pretty sure I will keep buying these products. Have you tried this line? How has it worked for you?

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own


style='clear: both;' Diva Locks said...

No, but now I'm interested in trying them! :)

style='clear: both;' Kandy said...

Before using Bee Mine I swore by Garnier Frutis my favorite was the for dry and damaged hair. I never tried his one

style='clear: both;' allthingscuteandgirly said...

@tiff you should It def. Works for us

@kandy I've used garnier in the past before I had kids and never thought about how it made my hair feel to be honest lol I've always loved the smell though. I still have yet to try bee mine shampoo or condish