Thursday, June 9, 2011

PSC Week 4 update

On Tuesday I took out the previous style I had done earlier this week. I let her wear her hair out for the rest of that day until Wednesday night. Pictured above is how I did her hair Wednesday. I tied it loosely into a ponytail with an ouchless ponytail holder and placed a bow to style it up a bit. I washed her hair Thursday night with Garnier Fructic olive, avocado and shea shampoo and conditioner. I then used coconut oil to seal when she got out like I've been doing. I then styled her hair today with two cornrows at the front and left the back unstyled so that I can either put it into two pony tails with an ouchless ponytail holder (pictured above) or just loosely out. I will keep this style in the rest of the challenge. I styled with Shea Moisture curl smoothie and my shea mixture. I will be spritzing and moisturizing the back of her hair daily with water and conditioner and probably use coconut oil and Palmer's olive oil as well.