Friday, June 17, 2011

organizing hair products and accessories

So I went to jo-ann fabrics yesterday and wanted to find an organizer case to hold beads. I found one similiar to something I seen at Walmart. It was $9 but on sale 50% off so it turned out to be around $4. I even picked up a little bin to put hair products in. The original price was for $3 and I got it for $1 and some change. There were a lot of storages and bins on sale. I'm not sure about details but if you're looking for stoirage cases and wanting to organize please make sure you stop at a Jo-Ann Fabrics in your area or call to see if they have sales because I thought it was a really good deal.

Since I finally bought a case to organize the beads I decided to do a post on how I organize hair products and accessories. Originally I was going to make a video so I could show stuff way better but after about 3 attempts I gave up. I'm so goofy, I was stumbling all over my words and I HATE the sound of my voice.

This is how I organize the ballies and barrettes. I have them sorted by color in a plastic container I bought from Big Lots for $2. I believe its originally for storing index cards. I have 5 cases - one for greens and yellows, blues and purples, pinks, and black/red/orange/white. I have another separate one where I store crocheted headbands.

This is a black storage container I got at Walmart for $5 in the office section. There are two drawers, two little compartments at the top and a little section that lifts up. In the two compartments I have the Created by Nature samples I haven't tried yet and just a small white bowl I use for when I soak rubberbands in olive oil before I use it.

This shows the little area that lifts up. I store random ponytail holders that have trinkets on them and a whole bunch of rubberbands.

Here is one of the drawers. Its all the ponytail holders I have separated by color each on a curtain ring. I got the idea from BBB, thanks!

Here is the other drawer and I just store random things in there. There are 3 packs of goody ouchless bands I got on sale at Walgreens for $1, some ponyholders I got in a hair kit at Walmart and these cute princess bottle cap clippies I won at an auction from Pretty Princess Hairbows (FB, check her out!) For only $2!

Just a bin with random things. There's a zilploc with cloth headbands so they don't get dirty. There's also a glue gun along with glue, other samples I haven't tried, other hard headbands, ponytail holders and new items I haven't stored yet.

These are the current hair products I use. It consist of Bee Mine's luscious moisturizer and Curly hold butter that I'm running low on :(
Ecostyler gel, my shea butter mixture, coconut oil, shea moisture curl and style milk, shea moisture curl smoothie, Palmer's olive oil spray and kkcc that I haven't tried yet. There is also a spray bottle that consists of conditioner and water.

Here is the organizer I bought from Jo-Ann Fabrics with stored beads and snaps and a few combs and clips for sectioning.

This is where I store a few unopened hair accessories.

Prior to all this I had everythng separated by color in individual ziploc bags and inside the hello kitty tin box I use in the pic above with unopened accessories. I got tired of that and started buying the clear cases. I'm somewhat feel better about how everything is organized but I'm not satisfied ..its not exactly how I want to do it and haven't figured out exactly how I will put together how I'm imagining it. yes, everything is organized but I feel like there's too many storages. I want everything to be in one place.

I also have created a bow board for the bow collection I'm beginning and I even added a little section with velcroed ribbon to easily add and remove headbands on the side as well.

Hope you enjoy and get some ideas from what I've shared!

DISCLAIMER: products were purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own