Friday, May 27, 2011

Walmart bows for $1

So I wanted to do a quick post about bows I got from Walmart for $1! I found them in the baby section hanging at end caps and the brand is "for kids sake". I first saw them a couple weeks ago and was going to buy a bunch but held back and said next time. Well, I came back and surprise, surprise, it was mostly cleaned out. Majority of the designs are either solid, polka dot or stripes. I found a cute zebra one and just a plain yellow I needed. Hopefully, when I go back they reup (i doubt it) or I may have to visit a different Walmart. I think its a pretty good deal on cute bows. So visit your local Walmart and see what they have. (:

Btw, I've bought a ton of new hair accessories and I will do another separate post one day. Its just too much for me lol I swear I better not buy anymore hair accessories next month! (Yeah right......)


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