Wednesday, May 25, 2011

PSC Update Style Variation & New Style

I'm updating to show how I switched up her style a few times. For one look I sectioned 3 different parts of her hair and used a cloth ponytail holder to keep them in place. 2nd, I just gathered it all up and placed it in a high ponytail using an ouchless ponytail holder and last but not least, before I took out the style completely I did a braidout for the ends to get that cute mohawk look.

I took out the style on Tuesday and did a new one. I just sectioned off the botton half and cornrowed six going down and the top part was just pretty random. I styled with Bee Mine Curly Hold Butter and shea butter mix. I will keep this style in until Friday or so and let her wear it out for a day or so and wash her hair and restyle for next week.