Thursday, September 8, 2011

Avanti Ultra flat iron review from Flat Iron Experts

I am so excited to do this review. Today I am reviewing the Avanti Ultra flat iron from Flat Iron Experts.

Prior to this flat iron I only have owned two others that were more high end and expensive. My first expensive flat iron was a Chi. It was a gift for graduation from my mom because I was always borrowing hers. At the beginning, I LOVED the Chi, it was nothing like I have ever used before (I have used con air or Mary-Kate and Ashley type ones). I also didnt straighten my hair a lot before because my hair is really straight to begin with. But as I was experimenting with coloring my hair and cutting it, it got damaged and was no longer as straight. Anyway, about 2 years later my Chi just broke! I was devastated. I went out to search for another and ended up buying the Corioliss Pro, which is what I currently use. I remember seeing it at the stands at the mall and someone even used it on me once. At first, I wasn't use to using this type because it didn't seem to run as smooth as the Chi did through my hair. It would get snagged but eventually I learned to work with it and it does its job.

NOW, with this Avanti flat iron I think I have been sold. I have never owned a flat iron that has titanium ceramic plates. This flat iron seems to glide through my hair so effortlessly. It also heats up really fast.

Here is my hair after using this product
Here are the pros: heats up fast, swival cord, glides effortlessly through hair, no frizzies, leaves my hair shiny and silky, has digital display and controls to control heat, heats up to 430 and cuts down style time.

Cons: there's nothing really bad about this flat iron. The only thing about it was that I was having a hard time trying to turn it on. Like a dummy I kept pressing the power button and when it wouldnt work I thought it was broken. I later found out I had to hold the power button until it turned on, same goes for turning it off. Another thing is that I haven't mastered crimping with this flat iron. Because the plates are so smooth and just slides through my hair its difficult for me to get it to crimp. I'm not sure if its just me but that is what I am experiencing.

For more info on this flat iron click here

Here is some curls I got from using this flat iron
Besides the flat iron I also tried out a new heat protectant, the KQC thermal shine. Here are the pros and cons:
Pros: has a nice smell similiar to cologne, leaves hair with a nice shine.
Cons: I don't like how its in an aerosol can. And although I like the smell its a bit too overpowering at times.

Stop by the Flat Iron Experts to check out more of their items.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent these products for review purposes. I was no compensated or paid for this review. All opinions are my own and my honest opinion .


style='clear: both;' UntrainedHairMom said...

wow your hair is long and gorgeous! Love the curls you did too.

style='clear: both;' Tracey-BBH said...

Girl u got super super long hair lol...but I was actually in sallys today looking for a new flat iron! So I maybe have to check this one out!

style='clear: both;' Charlotte said...

Your hair is lovely!! BEAUTIFUL EVEN!! I need a new flat iron too!!

Thanks for posting!


style='clear: both;' Keyative Styles said...

I love your hair!

style='clear: both;' Diva Locks said...

I love the curls it made for you, I am in need of a new flat iron.

style='clear: both;' Nikki said...

Oh wow, your hair is gorgeous and I love the curls from the flat iron!

style='clear: both;' Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

I still can't get curls from a flat iron. lol Guess I should keep trying! I just don't like to get it out often because Q wants to do everything I do... and I DON'T want to straighten her curls!!

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