Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bee Mine Ayurvedic Herbal Bar review

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Along with the Bee Mine Bee Lovely daily conditioner, I also received a sample size of the Bee Mine Ayurvedic Herbal Bar . I LOVE this stuff! This was the first time using a shampoo bar and I'm glad I had a good experience. Because it was a sample size it was smaller and possibly easier to work with compared to the full size. I also purchased their clarifying bar but still have not used it yet. This shampoo bar lathered up really easily and smells wonderful. Very herbal! I liked that it cleaned her hair thoroughly without feeling too stripped. It also left her hair shiny! It seriously is amazing. It is almost used up already and I will def be purchasing again and thankfully it is not too expensive!

I have also read that it is a great facial and body cleanser as well. By the time I read that info though the bar was already gone, plus I used it strictly for her hair and didn't break any pieces off. I wouldn't feel comfortable using it for anything else after it has only been used for her hair. When I do purchase again though I plan on breaking it in halves and using for hair, body and face and will review! Please check this product out at