Monday, August 29, 2011

Corioliss Pro V Leopard Print flat iron Review

This is the flat iron I currently use on my hair. My hair is already naturally straight but during highschool I experimented with changing my hair color too often that it got damaged over time and became less straight. I purchased this flat iron once my Chi broke after 2 years of use. I purchased this flat iron sometime in 09 and I cannot remember what site I ordered it off of. I wish I had the details, I remember seeing the piece of paper of my order a few months ago and threw it away! Oh well, it was about $100-$115. I was trying to decide if I should purchase another CHI but heard about how it often breaks so I settled for this Corioliss Pro. I chose this product because this was the brand I had someone use on my hair at the mall (you know with those little carts) and I was satisfied with the results. Along with my order I also received a travel size flat iron as well. For something small it sure packs a lot of heat! I use it to (try) to curl the outer layers of my hair.
The pros and cons about this flat iron:
Pros: love the leopard print! How cute is that..
There is a dial to adjust the heat, with the CHI I couldnt at all and sometimes it was just too hot.
It does its job.
Doesn't leave a burning smell on my hair.

Cons: It snagged my hair a few times but I've learned to use it and it works great.

When I first used this flat iron I felt like it was so crappy compared to the CHI because it didn't go through my hair smoothly. I was even considering sending it back because I even thought it was too pricey. I stuck it out though and am really satisfied with this flat iron.
DISCLAIMER: I bought this product with my own money and all opinions are my own.


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