Monday, August 22, 2011

natural mohawk switched up

Here's a style I did. It leans to the side a lil with random parts and not directly in the middle. I switched it up once but there are numerous way this style can be worn.
here is the original style

here it is braided in one big braid
another, with the braid undone to give it that crinkly look with a flower to accessorize.


style='clear: both;' Mama M said...


style='clear: both;' Nikki said...

Love it! I'm a mohawk fan allllll day!

style='clear: both;' Diva Locks said...

cuuutteee :)

style='clear: both;' Boysandgirlsnaturalcurls said...

Love it super cute! great minds think alike lol I did Chaelas similar but it started out as a mohawk with beads then I took the beads out cause the braid above them was lookin horrid and braided it into a side pony!