Sunday, August 14, 2011

win 50% off Pretty Puffs Dolls CLOSED

Do you struggle trying to find a doll your daughter can relate to? Do you have a hard time finding dolls of color embracing their natural texture? Well, I found something!
"Pretty Puff dolls are plush in design and handcrafted. Pretty Puffs have a unique style of hair; styled into an afro-puff ponytail. Pretty Puff dolls are created to show multicultural girls, teens and women that being different, having brown skin and kinky hair is absolutely a thing of beauty"
I love these Pretty Puff dolls and wish to have some of our very own one day. They are too cute. Enter now for a chance to win 50% off when ordering one of their dolls (NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING). To learn more about Pretty Puff dolls visit their website at .