Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Extra virgin olive oil on natural hair

I have read about using extra virgin olive oil in hair as a pre-poo and always wanted to try it. I finally bought some EVOO (in my Rachel Ray voice) and got to work. I have only used this 3x and have liked the results. The first time I applied the EVOO while I was taking out a style. The bottom portion was much smaller and easier to coat while e top I got a bit lazy and just smoothed it all over. I then placed a shower cap on her head and let her wear it for about 25-30. It was the first time she ever had anything on her head (she doesn't wear a sleep cap at night) and she was getting a bit irritated off of it. I then got her in the bath and washed it off and then shampooed and conditioned. Like I said, the first time the bottom portion was a small section and easy to coat so that's where I saw the results. It was really soft and shiny. Whereas, the top was soft and shiny here and there.
The second time the results were a bit better but not like I wanted. Here are the results third time we tried it:
I like it so far but I think I need a better way to apply the oil and find out exactly how much. The first and last time was reallly oily and everywhere she laid made stains! Also, I wasn't sure if I was suppose to shampoo and condition or just co-wash (I shampooed and conditioned every time).on the plus side, I love the results. It leaves her hair soft and shiny and when it dries it doesn't shrink as much. Do you use EVOO? How do you do it? Any tips or tricks?


style='clear: both;' Hair Beauty said...

I wouldn't use it as a leave in conditioner - it's kinda like putting cocoa butter on your hair, but as a pre-wash treatment it's fab! This is a great tutorial.
Hair Oil is a great way to promote hair growth by conditioning and moisturizing your hair and scalp.

moisturizing natural hair

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Anonymous said...

Evoo is the best on hair, I love it on my hair and it is all I use. I pour the oil into a spray bottle and spray the oil into my parts. Once applied it is prone to leaving oil marks I figure less is more especially since its so easy to reapply with the spray bottle.

I hope this helps your daughter's already beautiful hair :)

style='clear: both;' Le Angelique said...

Natural hair care products derived from plants and herbs and have been tried and tested over the years. It is trusted by millions of people and now gaining popularity too. This, natural products give a natural fragrance to the hair too which do not harm the hair unlike the artificial fragrance in off the counter products. Thanks a lot.

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Anonymous said...

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